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It has been documented that the average bathtub has more germs and bacteria in it than the average toilet. Bath products are on the rise and people want to bathe. What do you do? Get a made to measure tailored TUBSKY. The only bathtub liner of its kind. TUBSKY was made to last and last. Even if you use it daily, if you care for it properly, there is no limit to how long it will last.

Machine washable and dry-able - use it over and over again. Don’t create plastic waste by throwing away your bathtub liner every time you bathe.

Made to fit YOUR bathtub. It isn’t a big trash bag for the tub, like the other liners.

So easy to set up, even a child could do it.

It weighs less than a can of scouring powder and a scrub brush.

Soft, quiet and odor free material - it feels like skin.

Folds up to the size of a hand towel for storage.

Made one at a time in the USA.

Even if your bathtub is really old, you can take a bath that only your bum has ever been in.

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